​​​"Our daughter dances with balance and grace, plays T-Ball like a champ, and loves going to P.E. class. There was a time when we thought none of these activities would be possible. That was before the life-changing intervention provided by Jump Start. She has come SO far - thank you, Jump Start."

- Parent from Cornwall

"We had no problem welcoming Jump Start into our home for services for our son, James. Jump Start made such a nice connection with James with a loving, caring attitude that put our son's needs first in an extremely professionally manner."

​- Parent from Highland Mills

​"My daughter was a 29 week premie and was extremely behind for her actual and adjusted age. Jump Start is the reason why she is a perfectly healthy, speaking, walking 15 month old. With their continued help she will reach all her future goals. Thank you Jump Start!"

​- Parent from New Windsor

"Jump Start has been integral to my daughter's development. The support they have given her as well as the reassurance and guidance they provided me allowed her to make leaps and bounds."

​- Parent from Central Valley

"Jump Start has helped my son with his sports skills as well as his strength, coordination and most of all his confidence. After starting with Jump Start, he is eager to engage in physical activity during his free time."

- Parent from New York City

"Thank you Jump Start for helping our daughter achieve her goal in such a short time. She made amazing progress going from not being able to pull up into standing to walking steps with no help at all. An extra thanks for putting all of your heart and love in your work."

​- Parent from Monroe